In 95° heat, how long is it safe to leave a baby in the car?

Answer unless the internal temperature reaches 185 you risk salmonella poisoning. I'm sorry you did say turkey right?

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How long is it safe to leave a laptop computer inside of a car parked outside in the heat?

You should not leave a laptop inside of a parked car when its hot out for any amount of time because the car and unit can heat up very quickly and potentially fry the hardware, according to Best La... Read More »

Is it safe to use a heat convector or blower in a less than a year old baby room?

Only if it has a thermostat and if you also have a humidifier in the same room.

Did I leave the chicken out too long Not safe?

Yes its fine to eat, you stuffing it with bacon and cheese and parsley and garlic and salt and olive oil ?

How long until baby birds leave the nest?

Birds fall into two categories of development, according to Precocial birds, like ducks and seagulls, are able to follow their mother from the time they hatch. Altricial birds, inclu... Read More »