In 1961 what did JFK challenge NASA to do?

Answer JFK challenged NASA to 'put a man on the moon'.

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Who was dropped by the bbc in 1961?

If you mean the BBC Sherlock TV Show that aired quite recently, then he plays the violin.

How many baseball teams were there in 1961?

There were a total of 18 Major League Baseball teams in 1961, with eight teams comprising the National League and 10 teams in the American League. The New York Yankees captured the 1961 World Serie... Read More »

What would your octuplets be named in 1961?

Anna Kathleen Elizabeth Ruth Katherine Diana Melissa Mary Samuel Jay Andrew Keith Anthony Dean Curtis Jay Anna, Lizzie, Katie, Melissa, Sam, Andrew, Anthony, and Curtis

What kinds of cameras did they have in 1961?

The 1950s saw cameras becoming more compact so by the early 60s, the most common cameras used film to take pictures on to a 2 1/4" square negative. Kodak was the company known for low cost cameras ... Read More »