Improvements in Marketing Industries?

Answer As culture and society evolve, the marketing industry must change in order to stay relevant to consumers. Many changes that happen in the marketing industry are improvements. If the marketing indus... Read More »

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Why Is the Marketing Plan One of the Most Important Elements of the Marketing Process?

The marketing plan is important because of the multiple roles it plays in the marketing process. As a summary of a firm's overall marketing direction and goals, it guides current decisions while es... Read More »

FCC Regulations for TV Industries?

In the United States, the Federal Communication Commission regulates TV broadcasting through licensing and rules that ensure the local stations are serving the needs and interests of their local co... Read More »

Where is Prada Industries?

Founded in 1913, Prada Industries originated in Milan, Italy. The first U.S. boutique opened in New York in 1986, and by 2001, the company had grown to 307 stores worldwide. Headquartered in the Ne... Read More »

Which industries use iPad 2?

Its really not, the only difference is the iPad 2 is bigger. The iPod you can carry around every where but not with the iPad.