Importing video from Camcorder?

Answer depends what your camera records on. Digital video small tape or does it record on a sony memory card. Which it probably does not cause the cards dont hold much of a video. id say just do the usb c... Read More »

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What codec to download for importing video from a samsung SC-X300 into windows movie maker?

when I download anything from my camera etc sometimes I have to play around with the files. try opening the file with another program originally and see if that helps good luck

Can I import video on a MininDv from my Camcorder through an S-Video conection on my laptop?

Most S-video connections on a laptop are for output to a TV monitor. You cannot import video through this. Normally high speed video is not sent through USB. The snapshots taken with the camcorder ... Read More »

How to Convert Video to Avi from Flip Video Camcorder?

The flip camcorder has some distinguishing features to differentiate the Utra and Mino from the traditional Flips. The simple to use portable camcorder enables you to shoot videos as easy as taking... Read More »

How can i get my video from my camcorder to my computer?

take the sd card out of your device and put it into a the sd shaped slot in a card reader. the card reader plugs into the usb port into the computer. once you have done this, open up the folder. on... Read More »