Important Uses for Oxygen?

Answer Oxygen is the eighth element on the periodic table. It has an atomic weight of 16. It is a clear gas that you cannot smell or taste. This element plays a major role in society. It is part of the ba... Read More »

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Why Is Oxygen Important in Cellular Respiration?

Cellular respiration is the process cells use to retrieve energy stored in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Glucose and other molecules are broken down, and the energy released is used to make ano... Read More »

How Is Oxygen Important to the Release of Energy in Cellular Respiration?

Aerobic cellular respiration is the process by which cells use oxygen to help them convert glucose into energy. This type of respiration occurs in three steps: glycosis; the Krebs cycle; and electr... Read More »

How many moles of oxygen molecules are in 32 grams of oxygen gas?

The formula for determining the moles of a compound is grams (g) divided by molecular weight (MW), or moles = g / MW. The molecular formula of oxygen gas is Oâ‚‚, and because each oxygen atom posse... Read More »

Guide to the Safety of Oxygen & Oxygen Systems?

While oxygen systems are a crucial part of the medical world, they create a number of safety concerns if they are not used properly. Combustion and leaks are just two of the issues that can go wrong.