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Answer I have had the same thing sometimes, and normally it is at a time when I have a high level of stress and anxiety. Maybe that is what you are dealing with. Stress and anxiety can cause you to miss... Read More »

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Important question please answer BEST ANSWER FULL POINTS!?

don't be afraid to smile but if you really don't want to just smile without showing your teeth,as for your hair it should be worn down but out of your face like a half up half down kinda thingyou c... Read More »


Sweetie, you got suspended for SPAMMING. You CANNOT ask other people to answer your question in your answers nor can you ask others to answer your question in another question.That violates the Ter... Read More »

Please help !! IMPORTANT AND EASY 10 POINTS !! Need answer asap .?

1) Do your normal foundation routine and fill in your brows- the key to this look is to have full lips and a structured brow2) After applying a primer, apply a light gold all over the lid (make sur... Read More »

How do i do this... please help answer its really really important?