Important Features of a Christian Classroom?

Answer Christian classrooms, whether at school or church, have important identifying features that set them apart from secular classrooms. No matter what grade, from preschool to college and beyond, these... Read More »

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Which features of LCD TV are really important?

Look for HDTVLook for HDMILook for 1080p resolution (not 1080i)Avoid an LCD that is a Monitor (cause it has no HDTV tunner)Look for one with speakers built inTry to get more than two AV inputs, for... Read More »

What features are important in an lcd tv stand?

Of course, the most important feature is that the stand has to be big enough to fit your television on, as well as small enough to fit in your house. The weight capacity of the TV stand is also ver... Read More »

Important Features When Choosing a Digital Camera?

Whether you want a $300 point-and-shoot compact or a high-end $2,000 dSLR digital camera, there are a few things you should know before you make your purchase. Most digital cameras have similar fea... Read More »

What camera features are most important for taking night photos?

Answer Night photography can be tricky. Generally, you have to allow for long exposures, which can result in "noisy" (or grainy) photos. If you are interested in night photography, here are a few f... Read More »