Important Compounds of Carbon?

Answer Carbon is an element in the periodic table bearing an electron configuration of 2.4. This implies it is a group four element as it has four valence electrons. The electron configuration also implie... Read More »

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What Are the Most Common Carbon Compounds?

Carbon, chemical symbol C, is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, and is unique because of its central role in the chemistry of life and in the human economy. The world knows about m... Read More »

Is carbon in all organic compounds?

All organic compounds contain carbon, according to Jefferson Lab. Although some authorities state that an organic compound must contain carbon bonded to hydrogen, most definitions of "organic" are ... Read More »

Does carbon have common compounds?

Carbon is abundant in nature and is unique among elements in the number of compounds it can form. Among the examples of such compounds is carbon dioxide, which is found in the atmosphere. Coal, pet... Read More »

What are compounds containing carbon called?

Usually, compounds that contain carbon are called organic, according to Purdue University. However, certain inorganic compounds contain carbon, such as calcium carbonate. Thus, some consider only c... Read More »