Importance of Hyphens in Literature?

Answer One of the writer's most important duties is to foster reader comprehension. To provide the clear direction needed in guiding readers effortlessly across their prose, writers incorporate punctuatio... Read More »

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Importance of Themes in Literature?

The theme of a literary text is not set in stone. It is dependent upon your interpretation of that text. Thus when you are asked to provide the theme of a specific text, there is not just one right... Read More »

The Importance of Surrounding Children With Literature?

Surrounding children with literature is an effective means of enticing them to pick up a book. When in the midst of great reading material, children are more likely to choose reading over one of th... Read More »

How to Use Hyphens in Numbers?

Hyphens are used to connect compound words or numbers, such as "one-way street" or "twenty-three." According to the Grammar Book website, numbers above 9 should be written out in words instead of u... Read More »

Comparison & Differences Between the Teaching of French Literature & English Literature?

The earliest work of French literature dates from the ninth century, while the oldest English text, "Caedmon's Hymn," originates even earlier, in the seventh century. Both literatures offer a long ... Read More »