Importance of Computer Literacy in Job Hunting?

Answer Computer skills are not just useful, they are a requirement in today's workplace, which means that today's job seeker needs basic computer literacy skills to be competitive. Not only will computer ... Read More »

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Importance of Journals in Literacy?

Literacy, the set of skills associated with the ability to read and write a language, is a vital skill for all language learners -- young or old, native or foreign. Many researchers of literacy hav... Read More »

How Do I Test 3rd Grade Computer Literacy?

Computer literacy is the ability to use computers efficiently. With technology growing as it is, computer use will only increase in the years to come. This means that teaching children to use compu... Read More »


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Deer Hunting Computer Games?

Computer games come in two categories, console games and personal computer (PC) games. Console games are designed to be played on specific systems, such as the X-Box 360, PlayStation 3, and Ninten... Read More »