Imperative Guidelines for a Successful Web Meeting?

Answer Holding meetings online can save thousands of dollars in airfare, giving you a practical way to improve communication between stakeholders in your business. However, web conferencing requires caref... Read More »

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How to Lead a Successful Meeting?

In today's business settings, the most common form of communication between coworkers is through email. However, that doesn't mean that meetings have been phased out. In fact, business meetings are... Read More »

How many days are needed to call a special board meeting before an annual meeting for a Home owners association?

Robert's Rules of Order, is the generally accepted procedure for businesses matters such as these. There is an online version - see the link below:

How to Use the Imperative in French?

The imperative is the command form; it's when we tell or ask somebody to do something. In French, the imperative is formed from the second person singular or -tu form of the present tense, and also... Read More »

Board of Directors Meeting Vs. Shareholder Meeting?

The Board of Directors of a corporation manages the corporation on behalf of that corporation's shareholders. As a result, shareholder meetings differ in a number of ways from Board of Directors me... Read More »