Imovie video not uploading to youtube. What am I doing wrong?

Answer Try this.Scroll over the Share tab in iMovie.Click on Media Browser."Publish" it.Go to Youtube and click upload.Then upload your movie (make sure not to upload the project, which is just your "unsa... Read More »

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Problem uploading movie to YouTube from iMovie?

Hmm..After editing your video, did you export the file? If not, try that. Doing that will allow the movie to be saved to your hard drive. Then upload from there.

Uploading a video to youtube?

You don't need to convert the files first. There are applications that perform the whole process themselves and in no time. Free YouTube Uploader for example. Besides, it is free and quirte easy to... Read More »

YouTube video uploading too long?

Oh i've had one say it was gonna take over 700 minutes, after a few hours of no progress i just cancelled it to try again later.Possble problems i can think of are that it may be a busy time in you... Read More »

Is uploading video in youtube is free or not?

Yes it is. But if you upload spam, you may end up with it deleted or banned,