Imob friend code help?

Answer I added you!!! Add me too!!!

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Imob add me and post ur code?

How to Get to Your Pal Pad Friend Code and Enter a Friend Code?

Do you want to trade or battle pokemon with friends. I know I do, well if you need pokemon from a friend continue reading.

How can a friend help a friend who is being abused in their family?

call the police and tell them you dont want them giving the abuser any info of who told for your friend tell the police that you want them remove the day you call when you call make sure your frien... Read More »

How to Be Good at iMob Online?

An easy guide to becoming the greatest iMob player ever!!! (Without having to pay for respect points!!)This game is basically about being in a mob and growing property, weapons, income, and respect... Read More »