Image sharing/Storing app (10 POINTS)?

Answer Have you tried Instagram? Its a free app, I have it on my Samsung smartphone which also has google play, you can also get this app on itunes! You can also set your account to private so no one els... Read More »

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How can I fuse points on surface of an object with 3D image of the reconstructed surface of the same object?

See the guide here:…

Can you remove an image you don't like from a camera without tranferring the image to a PC?

Most digital cameras have a facility to delete unwanted pictures - either the whole lot or a single frame. I have a Fujifim S2750 digi-cam - and it has the facility within the menus to delete unwan... Read More »

How can I make an image I hover over fade into another image in HTML?

CSS Image Swap:……

How does mobile camera captures the image and processes that image?