Image is being printed to several pages help fix!?

Answer The Microsoft paint printing format can always be a bit dodgy, i would reccomend using the selection tool (the square dotted line) to outline the image and copy and paste it onto a word document, f... Read More »

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Where are the Yellow Pages printed?

Yellow Pages and its "walking fingers" logo are not trademarked, and can be freely used by varying publishing companies. AT&T is a major publisher and subsidiary of yellow pages and specifically Ye... Read More »

If all the pages on the internet were printed off.....?

infinity, with server side scripts such as php there are an infinate amounts of pages that can be gerorated. For instance, you print a page w/ a hit counter, then you have to print it again and aga... Read More »

Transferring printed pages into documents?

Why not simply save the pages you wish then open your word and if need be simply select all and paste where you wish? I am sure you can also save to file and right click and covert as a word doc, n... Read More »

How many pages can be printed from one Canon CLI-8 cartridge?

The number of pages printed from a Canon CLI-8 cartridge varies on the amount of material printed on each page. It is supposed to print around three hundred pages if not used extensively.