Image help in HTML (tumblr)?

Answer When you make a text post that includes images, you have to click the picture button and set the width in dimensions to whatever your column width is (which I think is 400 px from reading your code... Read More »

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Tumblr theme/html help, please It would be greatly appreciated.?

Go to customize and on the big bar thing on the left with all the options keeps scrolling through until you find show post captions. Click the little box so it has a check mark then save changes

How can I make an image I hover over fade into another image in HTML?

CSS Image Swap:……

HTML coding for ask box on Tumblr?

You have to go on blog settings, and check the box that says Let people ask questions

How to Search HTML in Tumblr?

While Tumblr is designed so users with no HTML experience can use and enjoy all the features, users can also manage posts and their themes using an HTML editor. If you're trying to understand how a... Read More »