Image burnt into the screen?

Answer You obviously have not been using a screen saver. I am afraid that you may be stuck with this problem.

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GIVEN 50" MITZUBITZI REAR PROJECTION T.V., CAN SEE IMAGE BURNT ON SCREEN WHILE WATCHING,HOW DO i REPAIR?…This question may have been asked before see the above link.If the picture is burnt into the screen you either need to replace the front plastic panel or ... Read More »

Samsung galaxy tab I800 screen cloudy and image burning into background.?

You will need a new screen and maybe other repairs...

How can I make an image I hover over fade into another image in HTML?

CSS Image Swap:……

Why does flat screen tv only show image on half screen?

Look for a button on the remote labeled FORMAT or ASPECT and push it a few times and watch the picture size change. PS this might not work on some channels but it is not the TV's fault.