I'm worried about my dad!?

Answer Don't worry too much- he probably just caught an upper respiratory infection a few months ago. The resulting cough from those kinds of infections can linger for months after the other symptoms hav... Read More »

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Thinking about conceiving a child, but the one thing I'm worried about is my feet turning into canned hams?

Well, there's a bright side to your feet swelling up into bloated globs of high potassium SPAM... maybe some of those freakshow clown shoes you bought at Payless Shoe Source last week with your hid... Read More »

I have a small brownie packed with about a dime of weed and im i little worried about using this?

It made me very irritable but I never liked getting high to begin with. If you enjoy getting high then i say eat that *****.

My bf cam in me about 11 times in about 8 days..the next day i started my period.but it was less blood and mostly pink.i usaully dont have cramps but this time was really bad.Should i be worried im P?

Answer you should be very worried. go check yourself out yo.

Worried about eyes and sun?

IF you had looked directly at the sun you would be blind already. Its virtually impossible to force yourself to look directly at the sun, it mainly happens by accident during an eclipse or if you a... Read More »