Im wondering what hair color is best for me ?

Answer golden hair will look beautiful

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Okay i have really dark brown hair but it almost looks black and i was wondering what highlights look best?

Okaye I think blond highlights would be nice on ur type and color of hair but not super blonde get them like a little bit Carmel and blond color

What is the best hair color for women with thin hair?

On One Hand: Lighter Shades BestAny color can make thinning hair look thicker and give the appearance of volume. Color coats the hair shaft and thickens it. Generally, though, medium and lighter sh... Read More »

What is the best hair dye brand/color for jet black hair?

I've been dying my hair jet black for 3 years and trust me, all brands work exactly the same. So you might as well but the 3 dollar one Revlon. That's the one I stuck to using since it was the chea... Read More »

What Hair Color Is Best for You?

The right hair color, like the right clothes, sets off your skin and makes your eyes sparkle. Choose the best color for you, and heads will turn when you walk into the room. Choose the wrong hair c... Read More »