I'm weird because I don't eat animals?

Answer I think the reason they do all this is to make themselves feel better about the barbaric practices they partake in. They feel as though they have to point out that they eat meat and try to twist it... Read More »

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Your weird, your strange, and i dont like you?

lol i love ghostsBillie jean when i was like 1 lol my mums fave song

Is it weird if you dont shave your legs at 15?

Naw. I mean if you don't wear shorts of skirts much and have leg hair isn't not a big deal. I couldn't wait for freshman gym to be over so I didn't have to irritate my legs with so much shaving. If... Read More »

Im 20 and i dont drink coffee is that weird?

No. I know lots of people who are 48 and don't drink coffee.

I have a lot of stuff animals on my bed and i dont want to get rid of them what should i do?

Get one of those nets that you nail to the wall and hang them above your bed.