I'm vegan but what do i say when peole ask me these questions ?

Answer Well, I guess when people ask those two particular questions they are not trying to be rude, but they're just curious. They eat a different diet compared to you, so they are curious. I would answer... Read More »

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Funniest questions you have been asked ask a vegan/vegetarian?

for me, do you eat fish, its not a funny q, but it is perplexing,im a vege, so, no, i dotn eat fish,the fact that its even an option to ask a vegetarian confuses meim not a pescetarian, if i was, i... Read More »

Why are peole mean to other people?

cause it's fun. no, it's so they feel better about themselves.

Why do peole find it so weird?

They think it's weird because the norm in this day and age is to have kissed someone and/or been in a relationship during the pre-teen years, which I think is stupid. I for one think you're doing a... Read More »

Do you ever actually worry about the sanity of some peole on here?

Hi hon! Yes. I just had this conversation with my husband. My jaw has dropped more than a few times at the audacity, ignorance, rudeness, dissociation, narcissism - and (just like you said) - quest... Read More »