I'm using dual monitors and have a question about full-screen.?

Answer Make sure you you are using the video card manufacturer's drivers. It could be that your cards can't handle the monitors.

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Will this method work for dual screen monitors?

Setting Up Multiple Monitors (Dual Monitors)?

The Three main ways to Setup Multiple Monitors1) You can buy a pre-manufactured multiple monitor computer. The best place to purchase a multiple monitor computer is at: T... Read More »

Running dual monitors plus xbox 360 in one of the monitors?

Why not just get a small TV (about the same size as your monitor) that has HDMI input for xBox 360, and a VGA (or DVI) input for the PC. Would be much easier to manage than this whole thing you ar... Read More »

Can I run dual monitors with only one GPU?

You mostly likely tried already - I say, it does not work.When you plug in a graphics card, the onboard gets shut off.That's why I keep my GPU in its paper box! (old Geforce 6200 - the standby func... Read More »