I'm unable to begin paying back my student loan, but I'm not eligible for deferment...?

Answer Call the company, and try to lowewr your payments.If not, you'll have to find somewhere else :…Good luck !

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If I join the Peace Corps straight out of college, can I get a deferment on paying back my student loans?

Peace Corps Volunteers are eligible for certain student loan deferrals for up to 36 months of service. Since Peace Corps Response service is Peace Corps service, you would be eligible for certain d... Read More »

Is paying back a Student Loan optional?

yeah, what are they going to do? repo your education?

Student Loan Full Deferment?

i think it would depend on if they compound the interest or not. like w/ school loans, usually you can defer till after grad w/out penalty, but if you've graduated & have to defer b/c you don't hav... Read More »

How to Get a Student Loan Deferment for Military Service?

If you are serving in the military, you certainly have a lot of responsibilities as it is. You may also have opted to continue your education and, subsequently, racked up student loans along the wa... Read More »