Im turning 21 dec 13th what kind of drinks and shots should i get?

Answer I'm a bartender...and although everything is MUST traditionally start out with someone buying you a ********...its a shot with baileys irish cream and amaretto...topped with whipp... Read More »

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How to Drink Two Beers Before Somebody Drinks Two Shots?

Win a bet that you can drink two beers before someone else can drink two shots. One rule: You can't touch the other person's drink. (as seen in the movie Poolhall Junkies)

What kind of shots do dogs need?

A preventative health program begins when your puppy first visits the veterinarian, with inoculations that help keep your pet free of disease. The kind of shots your dog needs depends on the age an... Read More »

What kind of shots do puppies need?

All puppies must receive certain shots to vaccinate them against common, and sometimes fatal, diseases. Other vaccinations may depend on a puppy's individual risk factors.DiseasesPuppies face serio... Read More »

Is Aeropostale turning into Hollister kind of?

I don't think aeropostale will ever come close to what hollister is. Hollister is a more mature, darker color kind of store compared to the colorful aeropostale.