Im turning 21 dec 13th what kind of drinks and shots should i get?

Answer I'm a bartender...and although everything is MUST traditionally start out with someone buying you a ********...its a shot with baileys irish cream and amaretto...topped with whipp... Read More »

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What kind of turning schedule should be in a care plan for an elderly person?

If an elderly patient is unable to shift or adjust himself in bed, the care plan should order caregivers to turn and reposition every two hours. The elderly patient is at risk for developing pressu... Read More »

What kind of foods/drinks should you avoid while on adderall?

Since a lot of people lose their appetite on speed, filling up on whatever pleases you is probably a good idea.

I'm going out for drinks with some manly men. What kind of drink should I order?

Have you ever drank a Gang Grape? It's Chardonnay, Grenadine, Vodka, Orange Juice with a half a cherry garnish.

What kind of alcoholic drinks should a person have if they never drink alcohol before?

Well, you're goal is to not become an alcoholic. If you want to drink socially and responsibley, then start with wine coolers. Then, Kalua is a social drink that is not supposed to be for getting... Read More »