I'm trying to teach my four year old his abc' long should it take him?

Answer Fun way for kiddos to learn their alphabet - Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD. Sit with him and watch it - and be ready to watch it several times - kids learn from repetition. This is a great "fun" w... Read More »

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Can a 14 year old teach a 3 year old for payment?

Yes, but only if she/he is well educated! Three year olds are too young for formal "teaching" but they are ready to learn their colors, they may be ready to learn letter and number recognition but... Read More »

How to Teach a Four-Year-Old?

In addition to being your four-year-old's biggest fan, you are also his perfect teacher. You likely spend more time with your child than any other person and have the greatest opportunity to teach ... Read More »

How to teach a 4 year old not to lie?

never lie to them and you should be fine.

How to Teach 8 to 12 Year Old Art?

When students first enter school, their exploration of art is simplistic and predominantly free-formed. At this stage in their development, art lessons primarily focus on developing eye-hand coordi... Read More »