I'm trying to teach my four year old his abc' long should it take him?

Answer Fun way for kiddos to learn their alphabet - Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD. Sit with him and watch it - and be ready to watch it several times - kids learn from repetition. This is a great "fun" w... Read More »

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Lasagna dinner four four year olds birthday what should i do for side dishes?

First of all, good for you for serving real food to the kids - I don't understand this idea that children should only eat chicken nuggets, fries and hotdogs... they've got tastebuds and they have t... Read More »

How to Teach a Four-Year-Old?

In addition to being your four-year-old's biggest fan, you are also his perfect teacher. You likely spend more time with your child than any other person and have the greatest opportunity to teach ... Read More »

I have a four year trying to get her to write her name before pre k. and she just isnt interested idea?

This site is the best! We used it at the daycare, I use to work at for the kids. I used it at home also. But flash cards are also a good thing teach her stuff that starts with the letters of her na... Read More »

How Long Should it Take a 20-Year-Old to Lose Weight?

Tunerless combo players are audio-video components that combine a VCR with another type of media player---typically DVD. Stand-alone VCRs are equipped with tuners so the user can record one channel... Read More »