I'm trying to show more of my Pec mass off, how do I shred just my chest?

Answer Push-ups in a sauna isn't a bad idea for the water weight. SWEAT IT OUT!!! But seriously, for your chest: Get in the push up position. Put your arms out wider than you are comfortable with and do a... Read More »

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Is it normal for an abuser to yell at the TV and is he just trying to con you and should you not buy it if you see an abuser on a talk show who seems genuinely interested in changing?

Answer yes i beleave that onces an obueser always an obuser they may ack nice and loveing and say they want to change and they may be sincer about it but it is very unlikely that they will there is... Read More »

Which particle would you add to the nucleus to add more mass but not add more charge?

It is now called the 4S, and yes, the 4 is now $99 for the 8gb model.

EEEEK my first grey chest hair! Should I buy a bottle of Just For Men, or will a Sharpie work just as well?

Sharpie is the better way to go...but 1 or 2....I think that's hawt...shows you know what you're doing, experience wise...just as long as there aren't any south of the equator, if you catch my drif... Read More »

Just a few Q's about someone trying to hack my Facebook (Just a bit long but pleeeease help)?

I think your best bet is to remove the hacked email account from ANY of your other sites, and change passwords on your accounts every week (sounds paranoid, but if someone went to all the work to h... Read More »