I'm trying to show more of my Pec mass off, how do I shred just my chest?

Answer Push-ups in a sauna isn't a bad idea for the water weight. SWEAT IT OUT!!! But seriously, for your chest: Get in the push up position. Put your arms out wider than you are comfortable with and do a... Read More »

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Fist sized mass on Horse's chest has burst and is bleeding.?

You need a vet on this one. Google returned 'equine sarcoids'.…However, it's hard for anyone to diagnose an animal (or in my case people) from a distance.G... Read More »

Does a chest x-ray always show lung cancer?

A chest x-ray does not always show lung cancer. A chest x-ray may detect an early stage of lung cancer; however, other tests such as such a computed tomography (CT) or positron omission tomography ... Read More »

What radio station in greenville sc had a talk show with a US general claiming that the US found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

Who was Tonight Show comedian-early 90s-who did a routine about avoiding getting mugged ie-Grab gun pull it to your chest use pen to block trigger Had a guy with him acting it out like a demo?