I'm trying to see someone's profile on Twitter, but it says "Internal server error"?

Answer try again later

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What is an HTTP 500 Internal server error?

An HTTP Error 500 Internal server error is a "catch all" error. It indicates that something went wrong when an Internet server tried to connect to a website, but no further information is available... Read More »

How do I find someones profile on youtube?

There are 3 ways to find specific people on YouTube:1 -- Simply enter their "username" in the searchbox.Hopefully, they have a unique username that isn't a common word (like "airplane", "boeing" or... Read More »

Is there any way to view someones twitter without them knowing that you r follwing them?

Only if there tweets are not protected or their account is not private. :) Answer mine, please? :);_ylt=Atl6acnyC2gnOJLEFK3lXHvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=2013042710380... Read More »

What is internal error 2738?

An Internal Error 2738 occurs when a user tries "to install or uninstall Palm HotSync software on a Windows XP Home Edition" computer. Microsoft also notes other sources for the error with Vista.Si... Read More »