I'm trying to lose some weight (pics)?

Answer is tht u???i think she looks perfectly fine

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What are some yummy healthy dishes/sides/snacks you would recommend someone trying to lose a LOT of weight?

Wikobey---raisins, dried fruit, trail mix, fresh fruit, are great snacks--tasty and convenient to carry with you in case you get the nibbles!! It's wonderful you want to lose weight--do it sensibl... Read More »

I am trying to lose weight! help?

Drink Water - (6 to 8 glasses each day will help flush your system and help prevent water retention)Get your body moving, even if it's just a short walk. Why not dance joyfully around the labyrinth... Read More »

Did I eat too much Im trying to lose weight.?

HiYou didn't eat too much you ate about right I don't know your height or weight but you defiantly won't gain weight because you exercised :-)Have a wonderful day :-)

Is it bad to lose weight without trying to ?

Its normal, weight as a teen goes up and down... i mean i can give you suggestions ..If your looking to gain some weight and build up some muscle the healthy way some simple additions to your diet ... Read More »