I'm trying to lose some weight (pics)?

Answer is tht u???i think she looks perfectly fine

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How much weight do I need to lose (pics)?

Seriously, you're not that bad. You have the muffin top thing going, but I'd say 10 or 15lbs through jogging/cardio and you'll be nice and tight.

How much weight should i lose (pics)?

Girl, be careful because people that look like you shouldnt be worried about weight. If you want to look good my advice would be to excersize, like hardcore and that is not sit ups those only work ... Read More »

How much weight should i lose *PICS*?

You don't seem overweight to me. I think you should just get more toned. Do some more cardio and you'd feel more energetic. Please don't resort to any dangerous weight loss plans. Health is #1.

How much weight should i lose pics included?

I think you look ok, but no one is ever satisfied with them selves, you look like your bone structure will stop you from getting that slim.I would say 5kg, Your family/friends will say you look ver... Read More »