I'm trying to install a wireless printer to my laptop, help!?

Answer If your computer can't find a suitable driver on the CD you have, that usually means that you're running a newer version (or a different version) of Windows that the drivers on the CD doesn't suppo... Read More »

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Wireless printer, help! Adding Samsung printer on laptop?

Am trying to remotely help a friend install Windows XP on a Dell Vostro 1400 laptop, help with a boot disk ?

:) I have a Vostro 1400. You have 2 (easy) options. You can enter BIOS and enable IDE emulation of SATA drives (its not actually called 'IDE emulation' but you should be able to find the setting I'... Read More »

I'm trying to set up my friends wireless printer can i use my wireless router?

You could but it would just make the task more difficult. You can use your network for the desktop to grab the drivers for the officejet; however, when you return it to their house, you're going to... Read More »

How do I connect sony wireless laptop to hp printer using wireless technology?

Like the first guy said, your printer needs to be wireless, unless your router has the capability to add printers to the network, most will have a small picture on the back of the box the cam from ... Read More »