Im trying to gain weight, any advice?

Answer eat sweets, protien shakes things, and fast food. good luck

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Trying to gain weight PLEASE HELP!!!!!?

This is easy. Eat, sleep, watch tv with nothing else.

Trying to lose weight but not gain muscle?

There is 2 types of muscle gain Bulk Muscle best associated with body builders Lean Muscle associated with athletesIts lean muscle you do want to develop and you do that by using lighter weights bu... Read More »

How often should you eat when trying to gain weight?

On One Hand: Gain Weight by Eating Meals and SnacksIt has been suggested that the addition of snacks throughout the day can result in weight gain. The thought behind this is that snacks are eaten i... Read More »

If you're a thin runner trying to gain weight what should you do?

Are you trying to gain muscle or fat? Do weights and you'll gain muscle. Eat more and you'll get fatter. Run less and you'll get fatter. I'm guessing, however, that you've always been both thin and... Read More »