Im trying to find out what a "doobie" is?

Answer its weed (marijihana ) or howeva u spell it and its like bad for u so dont go there

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How to Do a Doobie Curl Set?

Creating and maintaining a straight hair style can be difficult and, if heat is involved, it can be damaging to the hair itself. A doobie curl set, also known as a doobie wrap, is a method that all... Read More »

How to Wrap Hair in a Doobie?

Wrapping hair in a doobie is a popular hairstyle that keeps your hair looking fresh and smooth without having to continually use heat or chemical products. It also cuts down on the time it takes to... Read More »

How to Doobie Wrap Hair Using Hot Rollers?

Doobie wraps provide elegant style and body. It can easily go from the office to a dinner date. But achieving the look isn’t always easy once you’ve left the salon. But, using hot rollers can j... Read More »

How to Doobie Wrap Black Hair?

Many African American women relax or straighten their hair. A doobie wrap is a hairstyle designed to help keep relaxed or straightened hair straight without the extra and unnecessary heat damage ca... Read More »