Im trying to download norton?

Answer you can search than download and install it.

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Why did norton download and install withoun my permission?

You may have the auto download and install command highlighted. In which case you did give them permission to do just that.

How do I download the latest Norton antivirus definitions?

Provided your computer uses Norton to protect its system from attacks, it is important that the software is kept up to date. Doing otherwise may leave it vulnerable to the latest attacks or prevent... Read More »

Hi my Norton Security as just expired. Can anyone recommend a free download one.?

First of all download the free version of AVG - That will protect you for a while. I have upgraded that to the paid for version of AVG, it seems to me to be one of the best in th... Read More »

Can a Norton Ghost live update continue to download after a disconnect?

Norton's Live Updates require an Internet connection to work, so a Ghost Live Update will stop downloading once a disconnect happens. You will need to reconnect to the Internet to be able to downlo... Read More »