I'm trying to burn CDs using Media Player 11 I am getting a error that says connect burner and resart player?

Answer Burn your CD's from itunes, its easy and straightforward. Just go to to download itunes.

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How to Connect a Burner to Windows Media Player?

Your desktop computer may have multiple optical disc drives. You have the original CD drive for burning CDs. You installed a DVD drive to burn DVD home movies. The PC could have at least two disc d... Read More »

Does Windows Media Player 11 have a burner?

Windows Media Player 11 has a "Burn" menu that allows for CD and DVD burning, provided a CD and/or DVD recording drive is installed in the computer. Windows Media Player 11 supports the creation of... Read More »

Does Media Player Classic have a CD burner?

Media Player Classic is strictly a media playback program. It can play both audio and video files. Media Player Classic does not have the ability to burn CDs or DVDs.Source:Media Player Classic: Pl... Read More »

How to Install a CD Burner in Window Media Player?

Windows Media Player is keyed in to the devices installed in your operating system, so installing a device to your OS will naturally install the same device to your copy of Windows Media Player. Th... Read More »