Im trying to be vegan but Im craving meat help?

Answer If you have been eating meat than the food in your home is going to reflect that. You need to go to the grocery store and buy some vegan friendly foods, and get a few recipes to cook.It is a good i... Read More »

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I am always craving meat!!!!!!!!!!!!?

You say you just started, I think it's normal to miss those things you have always had in your life. It's like quitting any habit. Smoking, drinking...You are going through withdrawal, a mourning p... Read More »

How did you get over your craving for meat?

by looking at these………for real i just got over it about the 3rd month a... Read More »

Is craving red meat during pregnancy normal?

When you're pregnant, you are naturally anemic. So the beef craving makes sense. Answer Even vegetarian moms occasionally will want red meat, particularly beef, during pregnancy. This may be due... Read More »

Vegan...possibly pregnant...craving scallops...advice?

Do you have a large Asian store nearby? They usually have the best faux seafood. Look in the freezer section, they may have something close enough to scallops to satisfy your cravings for now.Altho... Read More »