I'm too embarrassed to smile because of my teeth?

Answer Just be yourself! You sound like a sweet girl and very bubbly , you are who you are and just remember nobody is perfect! A lot of people's teeth are crooked some people choose not to go the othadon... Read More »

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Im getting braces but I'm embarrassed for my dentist to see my teeth?

don't worry ! I just got my braces put on yesterday. My teeth are pretty yellow but slowly they're starting to get better cause of how I'm brushing now. I have really bad teeth too. One of my tooth... Read More »

How to Smile when You Think You Have Bad Teeth?

Everyone loves a nice a smile. Here are some ways you can smile with not the best teeth.

I'm shy to smile because my teeth are yellowish :(?

Don't worry, hon, everyone seems to have insecurities. If it makes you feel better, my teeth are so crooked dentists are still making molds because my teeth are moving around so much. I mean, the... Read More »

I have a gap between my teeth so how can i make smile pretty?

i have a gap! and what u need to do is look confident...people will be like wow, confidence...not wow, just be confident and rock that gap!