I'm tired as hell but I can't sleep!?

Answer I know you're just 16 but maybe just 1 tylenol pm tablet? I agree with ashleigh that you're probably just hyped and can't turn your brain off. Make sure you turn the tv off at least 30 minutes bef... Read More »

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I'm tired but can't sleep what do i do?

Lay in bed until you fall asleep... or watch the food network.

If you are tired but cant sleep?

Soak in a hot bath,and try not to stress about life or work.Chloroform is not a good idea, as it renders you unconcious.'Unconcious' and 'Asleep' are not the same thing!!!

How come i'm more tired when i sleep less?

It's not unnatural to feel tired when you sleep too much.You would think that if you got a lot of sleep, you would be less tired and could go for longer without needing to sleep again. Unfortunatel... Read More »

Im tired should i go to sleep:O?

If you are tired, it is probably best for you to go to sleep. Staying up late or staying awake longer than usual can cause disorientation and enough of it that if you tried to drive you could be ar... Read More »