Im tierd, but carnt get to sleep...any suggestions?

Answer If you're so lucky to have a loving partner, go have sex!Otherwise, kill some time on here, read a book, drink a bottle of wine, and fall asleep in front of the tv.Maybe try writing if you're so in... Read More »

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Tierd Eyes Or Eyestrain HELP!?

Firstly, wearing glasses won't wreck your life. If it is not feasible to wear glasses, you can also wear contact lenses. There is nothing wrong with needing to wear glasses etc. Secondly, try some ... Read More »

Why am i always so tierd i only work 36 hours a week and i am young its really annoying...?

Go get some vitamin b and niacin. It works well.but you need to be consistent with taking it or it will not work as well

I carnt diside withch ipod touch to get can you help please?

The black and white iPod's have no advantage over either one. It's all the buyers preference. The iPod 5 is coming out soon, so you should wait for that instead. It will have a bigger and nicer scr... Read More »

Ive got a lexmark scanner and printer i want to scan a picture into my computer but carnt remember what to do?

look in the instructions either on line or hard copy or alternatively got LEXMARK.COM for the information you require