I'm thirteen and pregnant What should I do?

Answer I think you should keep the baby. It will give you and your boyfriend so much more in your relationship. As for how to to tell your parents - that's a big one. I think you should be honest with the... Read More »

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How would a thirteen year old find out if she is pregnant without her parents finding out?

Answer Buy a pregnancy test or go to a Planned Parenthood clinic for a pregnancy test.

Can A ten Year old get a thirteen year old pregnant?

This is illegal to begin with.And yes, if she is ovulating (has her period)But no if the male is not yet sexually mature.Go and see your doctor please.

Is it bad to have a baby at the age of thirteen?

Answer You're not a bad girl, but you are far too young to be having a baby. Baby's take up a lot of time and constant worry. To have a baby now would ruin your life and there is so much to see a... Read More »

How to Look Like the Girls in Thirteen?

Please improve this article to meetCharacter Article Standards. Please edit, then remove this notice. Notice added on 2009-01-14. Hoop earrings are frequently used in the movie Thirteen.Loved the m... Read More »