Im thirsty what should i do...?

Answer go to your bathroom and fill up a glass of water and drink

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Should I buy Pepsi if I am thirsty?

Coca Cola had cocaine in it like 55 years ago, so no risk getting cocaine. Plus Coca Cola tastes much better!

What is the antonym of thirsty?

Thirsty means to be in need of moisture. It also means to have an eager desire. The word has its roots in Old English, as the word thyrstig. The antonym for thirsty is quench, satisfy, or moist.Sou... Read More »

I'm Thirsty, What do you have to Drink?

I am thirsty most of the time. What could be causing it?

Maybe you should tell a doctor that you are thirsty and itchy all the time. It could be so many things and what can anybody really tell you without proper diagnosis and tests?