Im thinking of getting one of those lap things?

Answer a goodly amount I am sure, as much will certainly be downloaded will you be needing help with installation?

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I am thinking of getting a sports camera like the D5100 by Nikon. I am also thinking of getting the 55-300mm.?

In sports photography, it's not so much the camera as it is the lens. A fast telephoto is essential, and is going to be more important than the camera. The number one sports telephoto lens is a 70... Read More »

How to Stop Thinking About Certain Things?

You might have your mind on a certain someone/something a lot. And there are times when you don't always want to. Well, you're in luck... this article is here to help!

How to Stop Thinking About Scary Things?

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I'm thinking of getting a new Mac, Pc, or Linux?

Get a PC with Windows and dual boot with Linux.. Use Linux for most things, anything not available for linux, then use Windows ..Reasons not to get a Mac.1) Mac uses a subset of PC hardware but you... Read More »