I'm thinking of buying the google nexus 7 tablet?

Answer The Nexus has a proprietary USB connector (you get a cable in the box) which you can use to connect the tablet to your PC. From there you can transfer files across. TBH the built in media player is... Read More »

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Nexus 7 tablet won't stop syncing to songs on Google Play music storage. How to stop this?

Go into the Play Music app and click the Menu button in the upper right corner. You can choose what music you want on your device, and whether to cache music you stream. You should be able to turn ... Read More »

Does the nexus 7 tablet have a camera ?

Yes, but it's just one camera on the screen side of the tablet, so it's meant only for video chat. It's hard to use it as a regular camera, because when you point the tablet camera at something to ... Read More »

How do I clear the Internet history on my Nexus 7 tablet?

on my pc you go to tools spanner icon top right hand corner scroll down to history delete

Does the Nexus 7 tablet have a built in 'Memo' default app like the android phones do?

No, not as i know of,Alternatively, you can download a notepad typed memo pad from google play