Im thinking of buying a new computer. windows 7 or vista?

Answer i have used both,i prefer only takes time to gt used to.

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I'm thinking of buying a desktop, go with xp or windows vista?

What do you use your computer to do? If you just use it for internet and email, go with Vista. It looks pretty cool and has some nice features like the Sidebar that you can customize to show you ... Read More »

I'm thinking about buying a laptop and the one I'm interested in has 3 gigs of ram and Windows Vista?

Vista can be a good operating system for a laptop, but only if the laptop has the proper processing power. Microsoft's website suggests at least 512mb of system memory, but that isn't nearly enough... Read More »

Im buying for my 14 year old computer enthusiast and money doesnt matter so windows vista or mac leopard?

STOP !This is an ideal opportunity if he already has 2 PC's, to encourage him to learn Linux.Linux is so much more interesting than the bulk standard Windows or MAC, you are in complete control whe... Read More »

Thinking of buying a new computer, any suggestions?

stay away from dell when u have a problem and call u talk to someone in india hard to understand their english...if u are american