I'm thinking of buying a PSP camera, how much are they Are they good?

Answer dunno bout the aus dollar, but they are around 70 US. This is around the price of two psp games. looks cool, but nevertheless very bad quality of taken pictures. i'd suggest u dont get it (even tho... Read More »

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I'm thinking of getting a new camera, i've been told to get an SLR camera, what do they mean?

SLR means Single Lens Reflex. These contain a mirror, which lets one see through the main lens exactly what the lens sees. When the picture is being taken, the mirror flips up out of the way so t... Read More »

Are cloned phones decent Are they the cheap plastic with rubbish software because judging by the pricesit looks like they could be Or are they good and are a good bargain?

Are fans of underground and old school hip hop really as free-thinking as they think they are?

I was recently thinking the same thing to myself, the conclusion I arrived at is that we are just as much slaves to our anti-conformity, as mainstream fans are to what the radio plays. Its gotten ... Read More »

I am very much intrested in Photography. So I am thinking of buying a new SLR digital camera. Please advice?

I agree with the responses above that the Canon 350D (a.k.a. Rebel XT) would be a great place to start. An alternative would be the (slightly less expensive) Nikon D50. You can get either of those ... Read More »