Im thinking about buying an iPhone 3GS i would be unlocking it for tmobile but i read that the exclusive atandt features wouldnt work is there any way to fix that if not is it worth it to do it anyway?

Answer A Griffen just because its thinner but otterboxes also protect reallly well dependswhat kinda user u areGriffen- style otterbox- protection

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Will unlocked iPhone work on tmobile?

Yes it will, but it will not support 3G. It works on the Edge network just fine.

You are unlocking your iPhone through o2 right now and wondering what happens when you put a new sim in Are you gonna keep your numbers texts apps and is it going to work with your iTunes?

Is the iPhone worth buying?

I have one it sucks. I suggest you don't buy it. Get this... Ok I was having an emergancy and needed to call my mom like right that second, so I have just gotten this phone and want to call her, bu... Read More »

Is the iPhone 4S worth buying?

No! Since it is the first product with siri it will be the worst version of siri and it really is no different than the iPhone 4