I'm taking a poll here..?

Answer It's not their fault. Just imagine being in their shoes, can you imagine how embarassing that must be. But, I would rather see a family together, than have them pawn their child off on a babysitt... Read More »

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JUSS A POLL. Out of the following, which is the band you prefer Taking a poll 4 a class Thanks!?

Nirvana, but how can you seriously choose they all contribute something to rock. Where is Alice and Chains?-L

R&P Poll: How old is everyone here?

I'm seventeen. I don't think I could name any single band that got me into Rock and Metal. It was more of a mixture of bands, and people I know. AC/DC played a large role, amongst many other bands.... Read More »

What is happening with the gsn my cable insight communication is taking the game show network off the air here in Bowling Green KY as of Jan2010?

Can someone be deported if their parents are here and siblings have been born here but they were not born here?

well for the first part if u were not born here then u have to give up your citzen ship in the other place and become a citzen there