Im taking a EMS class and im really afraid about the drug test?

Answer This will show up on a hair test for 90 days, blood or urine 48 hours. Benzodiazepines are one of the big 15 they test for. If you have a prescription for it, it shouldn't be a problem. But if you ... Read More »

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Taking a drug test for employment, are they able to test the amount of marijuana smoked or only neg/pos result?

only neg or positive i am a medical assistant...they can find out amounts with a blood test

Will you fail a coast guard drug test for taking Tylenol pm?

Not if it's an over the counter drug, but when in doubt see your HS or if you're taking a Urinalysis be sure to write whatever you're taking in the last column of the form the Urinalysis Coordinato... Read More »

If i have a drug test 12 hours after taking an opiate will it show up?

Does hookah show up in.a drug test i got this like pen thing and my mom is gonna drug test me plx help cuz?

It depends on it they are testing for the drug you are using.