I'm stuck at Windows XP loading screen. HELP!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer…use this program - run scan and delete - If can't run it properly - run it in safe mode with networking

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My 30 gig Zune is frozen at the loading screen. With the white loading bar at the bottom, can't turn it off.?

Every Zune around the world is doing that. They have to change the time (I heard something about every clock being a second behind) on everything, so don't worry. It'll be fine after a while. My Zu... Read More »


Depending on your version of windows, press F8 and select 'repair your computer' (Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 only.This should sort out your blue screen. Otherwise you need to get a prof... Read More »

How to Fix an R4 When It's Stuck on Loading?

R4 Cards are memory devices that are used to store music, video and video game data so that they can be played on a Nintendo DS hand-held console, essentially turning the console into a media playe... Read More »

I double tap my iPhone 4S for multitasking the screen goes black it has the loading logo in the middle of the screen?

Yeah, its the thing on the side with a tiny hole, you push the needle in the hole and the slot pops out