I'm stuck at Windows XP loading screen. HELP!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer…use this program - run scan and delete - If can't run it properly - run it in safe mode with networking

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My 30 gig Zune is frozen at the loading screen. With the white loading bar at the bottom, can't turn it off.?

Every Zune around the world is doing that. They have to change the time (I heard something about every clock being a second behind) on everything, so don't worry. It'll be fine after a while. My Zu... Read More »


Depending on your version of windows, press F8 and select 'repair your computer' (Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 only.This should sort out your blue screen. Otherwise you need to get a prof... Read More »

My NBA 2k12 keeps freezing at the loading settings screen after I press start Help Please..!!?

What OS? Computer make, model, video card or on board? Power supply wattage? CPU make model?, amount of RAM?, Hard Drive specs?,DVD make and model, any programs in back ground? Anti-Virus? My poin... Read More »

Galaxy Nexus stuck on Google screen. help?

1. which is better; get ur phone work or safe ur file? did u put the files on SD card? if yes then ur files will be safe then. to get ur phone work again u need to reset or re flash the firmware. 2... Read More »