I'm still virgin. i need to lose my virginity. how to lose it?

Answer why you wanna do this dear? Is it neccessary?!

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How would a virgin tell her boyfriend she is a virgin and wants to lose her virginity?

Just tell him that you wanna do it and if he's ready then he'll do it. It's not that hard

If you're a virgin but wore a condom during sex does that mean you lose your virginity?

You only lose your virginity once you have sex - even if it's sex with a condom

When to lose virginity?

Until you have found the right person.. that is what I am waiting for I am 14 years old to..

Im 13: & i've been asked to lose my virginity...?

While I accept that a 13 year old is physically ready for sex, there is no way that you are psychologically ready. I encourage you to wait until you are older. There is also the issue that whoever ... Read More »