I'm starving...?

Answer hot dogs, and hamburgers with baked beans.thanks for the points

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A starving 8 year old girl?

well you are her father, you can feed her meat if you want. hmm maybe try some of these recipes they are very filling. (and there vegan :)"Tuna" Mushroom CasseroleUltimate Comfort Food!Ingredients ... Read More »

So 1000 cals a day is starving =| ?

It's bad. 1. You don't seem to need to lose weight, 2. after the four weeks you will put the weight back on.There is a separate section for questions like this - Health / Diet & Fitness.

Is this starving myself?

Your getting carbs + 5 a day. But there is no protien in your diet. And you need protien to provide fats + energy to keep you healthy. Your not excatly starving but a variety of food would help...M... Read More »

How do I lose weight Starving?

First we'll talk about that if it is dangerous;Yes, it's dangerous if you do not like to eat fuccionar hope you not only stop eating because it is very easy to drink and die Desidratados and as tim... Read More »