Im sooo scared!Im getting braces!Do they hurt?

Answer CONGRATS ON GETTING BRACES!im getting mine off, FINALLY.haha, but yeah, had them for 3 freakin years.When i got my braces, the put the top ones only..after like 5 months I got my bottom.No needles,... Read More »

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I am getting braces soon... do they hurt?

i got those too! im getting braces on the 22nd. all my friends say spacers dont hurt but mine really do... if you are getting urs after me email me at if you have questions...... Read More »

When you are first getting braces do they hurt?

-For the first couple hours or days, it might hurt or feel a little uncomfortable. For me, one of my back molars sor ofa turned "in" so I needed to have elastic tied to the back one, and it's conne... Read More »

Getting shots for middle school do they hurt?

It depends on the type of shot your receiving. But shots only hurt for a second a small pinch and then its done. When i got my flu shot it never hurt at all. Hope i helped.

Is getting braces scary Do they hurt Please answer?

I got braces when I was around your age. They hurt a little when you first get them and when they tighten them once a month, but for the most part, it isn't so bad. Also, you are going to want to g... Read More »